How To Choose Hardwood Floor Color

How To Choose The Right Hardwood Floor Color

If you just decided to replace your carpet with a hardwood floor, then that would be a significant investment. Not only will you get a more beautiful home, but the aesthetics of your floor will increase rapidly. But then choosing hardwood flooring involves many factors such as getting the best expert and picking the right color to bring the best of your home.

So now that you have made your mind to get a hardwood floor, here is our insight that will make things easier for you if you are a wood-newbie.

Select a Material

Before you choose your floor’s color, you’ll have to find an ideal material based on its hardness. The higher the hardwood’s hardness, the harder the floor. Strand-woven bamboo is the hardest hardwood materials, while Douglas fir is the least hard. The red oak is in the middle and carries a medium hardness, which means that it balances durability and low maintenance.

If you are the type of person with many pets and small kids, then buy the hardest wood floor. However, you should know that it’s hard to work with harder materials, and they also increase the overall installation costs due to the tedious work of driving nails and screws. Different materials also have different colors, with bamboo being darker than oak. Overall, it’s best to seek online guides on selecting the best hardwood floor material.

How to choose a hardwood floor color?

Choosing the best hardwood floor color can be a daunting task for wood-newbies. However, our guide below will strike a balance between newbie and experts and help to choose the best color for your use.

1. Color of the walls

When selecting the color of your hardwood floor, it’s always vital to consider the room size. If you’re installing the wood in a small room with dark walls, then going for a lighter color will do as they make the room appear larger. These colors are also versatile and accentuate most decorations within the room, such as window treatments and more.

Also, if you have a room that features light-colored walls, then it’s best for us dark hardwood for the floor. The result will be a contemporary and more modern look for your home.

2. Your Décor Needs

For the last few years, the use of exotic woods and other dark colors has been trending. Bamboo is the best hardwood option that gives your room a darker look. These dark hardwood colors add sophistication and elegance to your room. However, they’re only ideal for the kitchen and bathroom. In other room spaces, it can make your room appear smaller.

3. Color of Your Furniture and Decorations

Before settling for a particular hardwood color, it’s best to consider the color of your furniture and other decorations. The reason is you don’t want to use the same color in your floor for furniture and décor. Doing so will make your room look cluttered. Instead, go for different colors to make your room more elegant.

4. High-Traffic Areas

When installing the hardwood flooring in high-traffic areas i.e., where pets and kids play the most, you must use a natural wood floor color that features no glossy finish. Therefore, when scratches and dents appear on the floor, it will easily conceal it, making the imperfections seem non-existent.

5. Compare Hardwood Flooring Colors

Alternatively, you can ask for local hardwood floor color samples and gauge them in your home. That is, you compare each color to your house setting, furniture, and décor and see the one that accentuates best.

Choosing a hardwood floor is an easy task if you know what to consider. With plenty of hardwood colors, you may get confused about choosing the right color. Luckily for you, our guide will help you to pick the best hardwood color for your home.

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