How To Install Hardwood Floor On Concrete

How To Install Hardwood Floor On Concrete

Hardwood floors’ beauty and elegance make it the top floor choice among homeowners. But at times, you may have a concrete slab floor on your home and are wondering whether experts can install hardwood floors on your home. The answer is Yes and you can still enjoy the beauty and benefits of a hardwood floor. Besides, if you don’t want to hire hands for the job, then DIY becomes your best option.

What’s more, you can install your floors on concrete regardless of the floor of your home. So whether it is at the basement, ground level, or third floor, you’ll still install it.

Benefits of A Wood Flooring On Concrete Floor

1. Beauty- Concrete floors are ugly, and topping them with hardwood flooring will make your space stunning and elegant. Since hardwoods provide the style and elegance you need, your interior will host a contemporary look and design.

2. Value- The majority of homes in the United States with hardwood floors are easier to sell. From a Natural Wood Flooring Association article, a survey by real estate agents’ reveals that 99% of homes with hardwood floors are easier to market and sell.

3. Warmth- A hardwood floor provides your space with warmth and gives you family and visitors that “welcome look.” A concrete floor, on the other hand, looks dingy, uninviting, and cold.

Things to Do Before Installing the Floor

1. Laying Down a Moisture Barrier- A moisture barrier is essential as it prevents excess moisture from moving to the wood from the concrete/

2. Installing an Underlayment- An underlayment in the basement of your concrete floor helps to soundproof the floor. For underlayment, install it over the moisture barrier and ensure its edges do not overlap.

Installing Hardwood Over Concrete

There are three ways of installing your hardwood floor over concrete. Depending on the method you choose, you will get accurate results provided you follow the instructions.

1. Using nails or screws

Though not recommended, you can attach the floor directly to the concrete. To use this method, you’ll need a heavy hammer drill and a bit or drilling holes through the wood to reach the pavement.

2. Using Glue

If you decide to use glue to attach your hardwood floor to the concrete slab, then you should be best in what you do. You’ll have only about 30 minutes before the glue dries; hence, it’s essential to be fast. Also, leave no room for errors as the method features no trial and errors. With the glue method, you’ll also need to use some paint on the moisture barrier for sealing the concrete as underlayment and plastic sheets are off-limits.

3. Using Clips

The Clips method is best for DIYers as it enables them to install hardwood floors in a short system. Use the Easiklip flooring system as it uses as it floats. It also uses clips to hold the hardwood boards together. It’s also easier to install with the method.

Installing a hardwood floor over your concrete floor has many benefits for your home. Besides the new elegant and impressive look, you’ll enjoy additional benefits like warmth and inviting space. Follow our guide today and enjoy the myriad of benefits of having a hardwood floor.

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