Napoleon - An Intimate Portrait

Death of the Emperor

Napoléon Bonaparte died in Longwood, his St. Helena home, on May 5, 1821, presumably of stomach cancer, although some have suggested that he was assassinated, possibly by poison mixed into his wine. He was interred on the island until 1840, when the English government allowed his remains to be returned to Paris and placed in the chapel of Les Invalides, a hospital and home for war veterans. In 1861, the Emperor’s majestic tomb under the dome of Les Invalides was completed and he came, at long last, to his final resting place next to the Seine, as he had requested.


“Napoléon in Uniform on His Deathbed”
Jean-Baptiste Mauzaisse - c. 1841
Napoléon is shown on his deathbed, dressed in his ceremonial uniform with his Legion of Honour medallion and hat. The artist was a friend of the Emperor’s valet, Louis Joseph Marchand, who provided all the details necessary to complete the scene.
Oil on canvas

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